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Doctoral Studies

Deepen your specialisation and pursue the research and projects that interest you most and kick-start your career under the guidance of an expert supervisor.
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Benefits of a Phd Study at the FA

The study within the doctoral study programme at the Faculty of Arts of the University of West Bohemia is conducted in accordance with Act No. 111/1998 Coll., Section 47, and with the internal regulations of UWB and its faculties. The study is available not only to graduates of the UWB Faculty of Arts, but also to graduates of master degree programmes of other faculties or universities.

Basic information about doctoral studies:

  • The study begins on the day of enrolment in the study.
  • The study takes place in full-time or combined form.
  • The standard period of study is three or four years.
  • Doctoral studies are mainly designed as individual studies under the guidance of a supervisor or with the support of an expert advisor.
  • The study is monitored and evaluated by the Doctoral Board.
  • Students in full-time study are provided with a scholarship.
  • The study is completed by a state doctoral examination and the defence of the dissertation.
  • Proof of properly completing the studies and being awarded the relevant academic degree is the university diploma and the supplement to the diploma issued by the University at the graduation ceremony.
  • Graduates are awarded the academic degree of “Doctor” (abbreviated as “Ph.D.” after the name).

Accredited Doctoral Study Programmes

Archaeology (CZE)
Archaeology (ENG)
Etnology and Cultural Studies (CZE)
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (CZE)
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (ENG)
Modern History (CZE)
Modern History (ENG)
International Relations (CZE)


Dean's Decree No. 2D/2020 on Study in Doctoral Study Programmes

Guidelines for Doctoral Students and Young Scientists