We realize that the purpose and role of our faculty reaches beyond education and research and we can offer much more! Work with us, our students, graduates, and research teams or become our partner for student training and internships.

We offer our partners co-operation in science and research in various types of projects, on national and international level, as researchers, co-researchers or output users; and we do custom contractual research to an agreed extent. You can find more information on research activities, especially applied research, below:

- The Centre of Regional Politics Analyses 

- The Centre of Applied Anthropology and Field Research  

- The Centre of Applied Archaeology

- Applied sociological research

- The Centre of Research of Migration and Integration 

- The Centre of African Studies

- The Centre of Japanese Studies

- The Research Centre of Science Theory and History

Furthermore, the Faculty of Arts holds various public sessions, panel discussions or courses, organises meetings with important experts, and responds to current social issues. It contributes to the region’s cultural development, gets involved in popularising activities such as exhibitions, film production, cultural heritage care, and live culture development. It co-operates with national and regional media. And it provides lifelong learning to the inhabitants of the Pilsen Region via its courses at the University of the Third Age.



doc. PhDr. Lukáš Novotný, Ph.D.

Co-operation in science and research
door SO216

+420 377 63 5330


PhDr. Helena Horová, Ph.D.

Co-operation in student training and internship
door SO111

+420 377 63 5006