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Proč studovat u nás

All ten departments of our faculty have one goal – to prepare you for a successful career. We will prove to you that theory is not boring, boost your self-confidence, and give you the courage to put your ideas into practice. Be inspired by our graduates who have managed to break down established boundaries.

You are unique and the Faculty of Arts supports the uniqueness of its students. We have prepared a flexible study system that opens up unprecedented opportunities for you to extend your education by taking lectures and seminars from other faculties. At the same time, we annually supplement our offer of study stays at partner universities around the world. Enrich your education, benefit from internships, and gain as much knowledge and experience in your field of study as possible. Meet new friends and perhaps find partners for research in squats, for discovering the roots of our civilisation, or for travelling abroad to study the Middle East. Nothing is impossible, you just have to want it and we will support you.

Of course, we know that university life does not begin and end in the lecture hall. With a pure heart, we encourage you not to forgo the joys of student life. And Pilsen is more than generous to students in this respect. Concerts, exhibitions, theatres, clubs, students rag day, numerous sporting opportunities, and, of course, Pilsner beer! At which other university does the rector brew and pour the beer himself?